Buying a House - House Prices

A house is the biggest single purchase that will be the most important in anyone's life. It's not just about finding the right house it's also about making sure the house price is correct. House prices generally go up, of course there is always a natural balancing act when house prices drop but it's not generally too long before they start to go back up again. Getting the price right isn't difficult, just make sure you are buying what you can afford and that the location is exactly what you need. House buying can be fun but get it wrong and it's not just a financial mistake but an emotional one too. There are 100's of price indexes and house buying guides on the internet so there is no excuse to finding the right house price or getting the evaluation right.
As of 2011 the UK housing market has started to respond positively to the economic downturn from 2007. Growth in the housing market is expected and house prices set to rise steady during 2012. If you need to sell your house quickly you may be wise to get the price valued first.

Pubs for Sale

If you're thinking of buying a pub or bar the best place to start looking is the major UK breweries.
Practically all the pubs for sale will have history associated with the sales.
The best pubs to consider buying are those with accommodation and function rooms, simply because they generate an extra revenue stream outside of the traditional drinks and food revenue streams.
Keeping a pub open and in business is not easy. Research your area thoroughly and decide what type of place you want to run and visit plenty of pubs before you buy one. those that are still open and trading well will provide great insights in to how to go about setting your style of pub. It's not just the locals you need to win over, it's the passing trade too.
The best place to research the pub industry is in a pub, so why not travel around and stay in pubs to get a feel of what you like and dont like. A good source of Pub Accommodation can be found on the Pub Rooms pub guide. It doesn't list pubs for sale so you may need to check out the pubcos and brewery websites too.